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4 of Lauren’s Favorite Films

Some of my personal favorite, somewhat lesser-known movies. I was first trying to think of how to describe my taste in movies, but decided in the end I'd show rather than tell.

And also, a gift to all you parents out there, all four are under 2 hours! Free streaming options are listed for each, although all are available for rent on Amazon Prime for a few dollars if you, like me, habitually delay shipping there to build up media rewards for rentals.

1. Moonrise Kingdom [HBO Max, 1h 34m]

I love Wes Anderson’s movies, and this is the one I’ve been yearning to re-watch recently. (I’ve been thinking about his films a lot since a rare theater experience last week seeing The French Dispatch!)

2. Before Midnight [Hulu, 1h 49m]

This is the third movie in a trilogy that Justin and I both love because of the honesty of the screenwriting and acting, and for the rich conversations all three have prompted between us. A bit of a bait and switch to recommend the third here; but they’re all worth your time, I promise.

3. The Farewell [Amazon Prime, 1h 40m] and

4. Big Night [Paramount+, 1h 47m]

Both of these are funny, poignant, and take you inside another culture in fascinating ways. Excellent acting too!


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