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4 Kids Podcasts I Recommend

We’ve tried a handful of other science and story podcasts aimed at preschoolers through late elementary, and these are the only ones the boys and I all really like.

What are your favorite kids podcasts? I’d love to find a decent current events one (if it exists), a great serial fiction for older elementary age, and recommended middle and high school age listens – so send on your favorites to!

1. Brains On - best for ages 5-10

2. Smash Boom Best - fun for all ages, starting around 4.

3. Julie's Library - best for 3-7

4. Classics for Kids - best for 7+

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6 days ago

Adding these podcasts to my list! My oldest kids who are 7 and 8 really enjoy “Real Cool History for Kids” podcasts. All from a Biblical worldview!

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